Brain Waves

Brain Waves (Neural Oscillations): Can be measured with electroencephalography (EEG) for frequency, amplitude and phase.  Higher frequency is associated with greater neuronal synchronization.  A highly synchronized brain will have more highly synchronized brain waves.

  • Delta (1-4 oscillations per second) – Delta waves are most present during sleep.  
  • Theta (4-8 oscillations per second) – Theta can be seen when we are drowsy.  
  • Alpha (8-12 oscillations per second) – Alpha waves are present during relaxed wakefulness, such as daydreaming.  
  • Beta (13-30 oscillations per second) – Beta waves can be seen when the brain is alert and concentrated.  
  • Gamma (Above 30 oscillations per second) – Gamma waves are the highest frequency brain waves and are generally very shortly sustained.  Perhaps from a sudden insight or through the realization of a taste of a favorite food there will be spikes in gamma waves.  Intense and prolonged concentration on God’s love and compassion will increase the brain’s ability to have sustained gamma waves.