Brain Waves

Brain Waves (Neural Oscillations): Can be measured with electroencephalography (EEG) for frequency, amplitude and phase.  Higher frequency is associated with greater neuronal synchronization.  A highly synchronized brain will have more highly synchronized brain waves.

  • Delta (1-4 oscillations per second) – Delta waves are most present during sleep.  
  • Theta (4-8 oscillations per second) – Theta can be seen when we are drowsy.  
  • Alpha (8-12 oscillations per second) – Alpha waves are present during relaxed wakefulness, such as daydreaming.  
  • Beta (13-30 oscillations per second) – Beta waves can be seen when the brain is alert and concentrated.  
  • Gamma (Above 30 oscillations per second) – Gamma waves are the highest frequency brain waves and are generally very shortly sustained.  Perhaps from a sudden insight or through the realization of a taste of a favorite food there will be spikes in gamma waves.  Intense and prolonged concentration on God’s love and compassion will increase the brain’s ability to have sustained gamma waves.

Learn more about brain waves in Richard Davidson and Daniel Goleman’s Altered Traits.