Where can true wealth be found?

The riches of God’s love, joy, and peace course through us. Take a few minutes on this site to learn about the neuroscience of your body and it may change your life.

Correlation between Faith and Neuroscience

The spiritual dimensions of the parts of your brain and body made clear and straightforward.

The Neuroscience of Love, Joy, Peace, and Kindness

These short videos explain the profound neurophysiological rewards of living by God’s love, joy, and peace. They also detail the neuroscience of hate, addiction, and anxiety.

The Definition of Neurotheology

The correlation between faith and neuroscience explained.  No matter what our religious or spiritual background, we can learn from one another even amid our differences.

The “God spot” of the Brain

The philosopher René Descartes postulated that the pineal gland was the “seat of the soul.” Today this assumption is thought almost unanimously as untrue. 

Free Will and Free Won’t – The Quantum Zeno Effect

Through focused attention and intention, brain circuits strengthen and we have more freedom to love and share joy.

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