Where can true wealth be found?

The riches of God’s love, joy, and peace course through us. Take a few minutes on this site to learn about the neuroscience of your body and it may change your life.

Correlation between Faith and Neuroscience

The spiritual dimensions of the parts of your brain and body made clear and straightforward.

How We are Rewarded by God’s Love, Joy, and Peace Coursing Through Us

When we choose God’s love, joy, peace, and, kindness neuroscience shows that we are deeply rewarded. These videos also show hatred, addiction, and anxiety also poison us.

Role of the Thalamus in Prejudice

The more you strengthen an idea over and over, the brain responds as if the idea is real within the world.

Anterior Cingulate Cortex – “The Heart of the Brain”

When our thoughts, actions, and worldview are fixed on love and loving relationships, this part of the brain is strengthened and activated.

Free Will and Free Won’t – The Quantum Zeno Effect

Through focused attention and intention, brain circuits strengthen and we have more freedom to love and share joy.